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Your Industrial ID systems partner
Visicon was created to provide a technical resource for OEMs, distributors and end users.
Visicon is a single point solution for your consultation, evaluation, supply, development, commissioning, service, support and training requirements.
Improve traceability by quickly and accurately reading 1D and 2D codes.
Barcode readers and scanners are designed to capture and read the information contained in a barcode. They are used to track almost every item in industry and commerce. They are vital to industrial connectivity, from factory to sales in retail stores.

ID systems are used to inspect and identify products during the manufacturing process. They are used in a variety of different ways depending on what it is inspecting. Some examples are, verifying quality of printed bar codes, read laser-marked and chemically-etched 2D codes.          
1D & 2D codes are used for identification & traceability throughout industry. Visicon is not only capable of supplying readers for every code type, we are also experts in deploying, integrating and commissioning these systems.

To aid manufacturers in the the verification of codes on their production lines, Visicon has created the the vsCODE range of products.

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